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Unlimited Storage

Expanding capacity on demand.

Maximum file size 15gb upload

Unlimited Bandwidth

Free for download and watching

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Pay Per View

Make money form views of video.

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Unlimited Storage

As a member of the internet for a long time, we understand that sometimes we need a place to store large files, or sometimes we need to share it with friends. 

But today's servers are mostly for storage capacity is very low or you have to put some money out to upgrade the institute. 

Understanding that, we created this server to allow you to store large files for free. 

However, for the sake of maintaining the server, we have placed ads on our site. If you do not mind, please do not block our ads. That gives us more motivation to provide a better experience for you.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Also with the unlimited storage space, we also not limit the bandwidth.

If your internet connection is strong, you can download file at 10MB/s or even 50MB/s to 100MB/s.

That is not possible for normal server, but with our servers set by the Google server so the large transmission line allows you to download at a fast speed that almost no where.

And once again we would like to thank you for using our service, as well as for introducing others. With the motto "Sharing is Happiness", we will try harder in the future.

Pay Per View/Download

We are currently free completely and no have intention of paying for the affiliate link.

Because if we do that we have apply more features, which will be very annoying for free users.

It's not for the profit, we not have bring a bad experience to our users.